synovial Bursa (Bursa synovialis)

One more question to answer which I will of course try. This question reached me by eMail, but came from one of my care receivers and care for clients. Here is a more detailed Version of my reply:

What bag are mucus ?

Bursae are small sacs filled with synovial fluid. They serve the body as a “buffer”, a protective factor such as Falls or other mechanical loads on the body. This prevent these effects meet the body directly, i.e. 1:1 on the bones / muscles, but be subdued. So you could say, it body to be its own Airbags.

Bursae are located over bony prominences and protect Tendons, muscles and the house. Particularly important are these in larger joints like the shoulder or the knee joint. In the technical language of the Bursa “Bursa” or “Bursa synovialis”. They consist of an outer Stratum fibrosum (connective tissue layer) and an inner Stratum synovial (mucous fluid – synovial fluid – ab).

Bursitis (Bursitis)

A Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursae in the body. It is usually an irritation of the Bursa which in the majority of cases, by pressure or other slight injury. Rare, but nevertheless possible, there is a bursitis by infection with bacteria, germs and / or viruses. Also in case of internal diseases in some or all of mucus can be the bag drawn in Pity. Not rare in rheumatic diseases and metabolic disorders.

Among the typical symptoms of inflammation-redness, belong to regions of the body, swelling and pain heated. In the case of infections extra with a fever as well as chills.

Therapy of Bursitis

A bursitis is not treated, it can spread this on deeper layers of tissue. In the worst case of inflammation in the entire body. In most cases, immobilization of the affected joint will help with additional administration of anti-inflammatory drugs. In the case of a bacterial infection a “simple” antibiotic which should be prescribed by a doctor helps.

The above-mentioned measures should achieve no recovery, so a surgical procedure is necessary in which the affected Bursa is removed. The body gets used fairly quickly to the new circumstances, so that hardly any disadvantages and consequences.


A bursitis to prevent, you should make sure to protect his joints.

In the case of garden work or any other work which must be done in the knees, it is recommended knee wear pads. When Inline Skating, you should not miss on this and, in addition, an elbow protection. Furthermore, you should consult with regular physical exercise by an orthopedic surgeon or a physiotherapist and, if necessary, investigate. Especially when chronic ailments of the joints are known.