The benefits of the hydroalcoholic gel in the hospital environment

Les bienfaits du gel hydroalcoolique en milieu hospitalier

In the hospital environment, the prevention of the transmission of viruses or other infections bacterial is essential, especially during an operation or a treatment. The patient may be exposed to other infections which would aggravate its pathology. This is to prevent these risks, many doctors recommend the use of the hydroalcoholic gel. It is important to give a light on this product widely used in hospitals.

Antimicrobial efficacy

The hydroalcoholic gel is a gel that is effective against the microbes. It is especially known for having a very wide spectrum on fungi, bacteria and viruses. The hydroalcoholic gel is much more effective than the commensal flora and the antiseptic soap.

This product meets certain standards :

– Bactericidal NF EN 1040 and NF EN 1500,

– Virucidal NF EN 14 476 (which defines the effectiveness of certain influenza viruses),

– Fungicide NF EN 1275.

Skin Protection

The action of the hydroalcoholic gel is to form a barrier against the microbes and protect the skin. This is possible thanks to an agent emollient which destroys most of the bacteria. It should be noted that the skin of your hands tolerate this gel better than other means of disinfection.

Its protective effect on the skin is very fast, 15 seconds after its application. But it is advisable usually to wait more than 30 seconds. It is a waiting period significantly shorter than the cleaning soap antiseptic that can take up to 2 minutes.

Hand hygiene and prevention of diseases

You put your hands on your face (eyes, nose, mouth) a countless number of times per day. The hands are often carriers of germs, such as viruses and bacteria. In fact, the contamination germ often involves the hands. For example, a contact with a contaminated object or a handshake can allow germs to enter your body without your knowledge. This is why good hand hygiene is of paramount importance.

Les bienfaits du gel hydroalcoolique en milieu hospitalier

Hand hygiene includes certain measures, including washing with water and soap, and especially the disinfection by means of gels, hydro-alcoholic. These two measures are excellent ways to avoid being contaminated or contaminating others. They are simple and effective to stay healthy and avoid diseases such as flu which is highly contagious. In addition, they are currently being recommended by means of programs of fight against the infections.

The hydroalcoholic gel eliminates 99 % of germs

The gels hydroalcoholic eliminate over 99 % of germs that cause respiratory infections are the most common, such as the common cold or the flu. Their use prevents contamination of hands, but does not prevent, inevitable bacterial or viral infections to penetrate into the body by other routes such as the nose or the mouth.

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