The care-blogger-Advisor: seniors beds

Der Pflegeblogger-Ratgeber: SeniorenbettenWith dwindling mobility, the question of appropriate means for the domestic every day life for many seniors. One aspect of this quickly catches the eye: the elderly bed.

In most professional care facilities with a special nursing bed belongs to the standard equipment, but also in home care, it can make everyday life easier. A senior’s bed does not necessarily equate with an often sterile-looking hospital bed, but has similar advantages.

What is a senior bed?

These special beds are different to normal beds mainly through special features and a special comfort. What exactly belongs to a proper senior bed or nursing bed is regulated by various standards in many cases. To spare you the complicated standards, we want to show you briefly the most important characteristics.

The first feature is the height of the bed, which is 40-50 cm, and thus much higher than in a normal execution. This makes it easier in the morning to get Up enormously, and avoids unnecessary pain. You stand up from a chair.

Also the lying and sitting position is at a senior’s bed, thanks to a special slatted frame, via remote control, adjust and adapt. So you can, for example, from a straight surface lying in a more comfortable sitting position. Thus, a massage, or a specific set of operations can be performed easier. If necessary, a stop can in addition handle the install, and offers additional support.

What to consider when purchasing?

Der Pflegeblogger-Ratgeber: SeniorenbettenAs a senior bed can be an important part of everyday life, should you look for when purchasing especially on the quality and perfect comfort. Good seniors beds to promote the health and ensure the best possible recovery.

Unfortunately, these special beds can be very costly. Thus, the purchase does not lead to a financial burden, you should know the different funding options. Thus, such a bed can be prescribed by the doctor for the patient, if it can be personally justified. The classification is already in a nursing degrees of 1 – 5, it is also possible to apply for the bed directly from the insurance company. In General, a deductible of 10 percent is provided for at the acquisition cost. In exceptional cases, a complete cost acquisition of health insurance possible.

Now seniors can – and care beds are no longer only purchased in retail stores, but also on the Internet to be ordered. Used beds are equipped with new mattress, a cheap Alternative.