The fugue of the patient

One day or another, we’ve all been faced with a fugue. Not the kind that you can see in the media, or that of your 14 year old son because you have arguments for a banal story of Nutella not closed, no, I will talk to you about the fugue, of a patient of your service… for Me it happens to me quite often. Finally often, not every day, but it is not uncommon to have a month without at least his little fugue.

Then why I decide to speak now ? Oh well because today, I still have a patient who has made it his fugue, or rather, his fugues, and I had to tell you this in an article.

The fugue in f minor

Usually the fugues are differentiated into three categories : Those who want it, those who do not have all their head and leave, and those who have their head, but know that this will make you well le’t see him in his room during the tour in the evening.

In my example, I would rather my patient with the thought disturbed but that makes you a smile in the corner of the lips when you come to pick it up on the outside.

This patient had had several run away since he is in us, usually it is found in front of the hospital. As of today evening, to transmissions, it tells me that the previous day he had made several fugues and so I have to wait for it to start again. No, but waiting, the sight of the heat ! It is normal that the patient wants to get the hell out, and maybe, I say maybe, go to troquet in the corner.

In the middle of the afternoon, we received a phone call in the service of the part of the agent located at the home of the hospital and sees the arrival of Mr. M. (In the same time, they should well know to the force of the stop to the entrance of the hospital). One panics, one makes a chifoumi us to know who is going to come down pick it up and it moves on.

I remember that we were over, it was then necessary to call the director of care, the family and the police to search through… through what ? Bah we don’t know ! We are searching and that is all.

For you to short, the patient will start all over 3 times in the afternoon. It is said that may be he has mercy on us, cloitré in the service with this heat and it is said that it will seek to turn so that we can take to the air and have a bit of fresh… Finally, this is not that bad a patient with a fugue !

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