The major diseases that can affect the periodontium

The health problems arise unexpectedly. Irrevocably, they do not depend on the age as we think, but often mégardes of each due to lack of time or means. In effect, it is necessary to be attuned to the needs of his body to stay in good health. The inside of the mouth must not be neglected, the conditions can affect the gum or the periodontium.

The diseases that can affect the periodontium

The proliferation of bacteria in the wrong places of the body leads to various diseases. When they multiply in the mouth, it can lead to periodontitis. The latter causes no pain and goes unnoticed in most cases.

However, bad breath can occur when it is not treated. In addition, a tartar, a yellowish appears on the areas of inter dental. It goes without saying that this gives an appearance dubious to the patient, but this can go even further. When the bacteria arrive to address the root bone of the teeth, they will fall off.

In some cases, the inflammation affecting the periodontium extends over the gums. The suffering is also suffering from gingivitis. Complications lead to the destruction of the periodontal ligament and the deepening of the periodontal pocket. This results in the enlargement of the space sub-gingival forming a nest for the bacteria and will also finish by the fall of the teeth when the sockets of the bones are very weak.

The fight against diseases affecting the periodontium

The prevention of periodontitis is the oral hygiene and food daily. To preserve the teeth, we must brush after every meal and especially in the evening.

It is advisable to choose a brush with flexible fibers to avoid bleeding of the gingival. The replacement of this accessory should be done once every two months.

The employment of a solution, a mouthwash is not essential, but useful.

Nevertheless, a regular visit to a dentist is a must to prevent any disease. In particular, the teeth cleaning is recommended at least 1 time per year with a specialist in periodontology paris, for example, or a dental hygienist near you. It is to be noted that the tartar is a shelter very comfortable attributed to microbes. Therefore it is necessary to get rid at any price.