The Power of Storytelling in Job Interviews

What’s more interesting: a good novel, or a stack of sticky notes that all have “I’m awesome” written on them?

This is essentially the difference between people who simply state their qualities in job interviews and those who illustrate those qualities by telling good stories.

During an interview, many people will simply say things like, “I’m a really hard worker,” or “I’m willing to learn anything if you hire me.”

The problem is… statements like this are boring, and anyone can make them. Instead of making the same statements as everyone else, you should seek to prove that you have those qualities by telling relevant stories from your past.

Humans intrinsically love stories, and using them can give you a huge edge in your interviews (and even on your resume).

In this episode, I’m talking with Brian Robben – an author, blogger, and outside sales rep for one of the largest print supply companies in the world – about how he was able to use storytelling to score a large number of interviews and land his current job.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Take Your Success – Brian’s blog
  • Brian’s book
  • Drinking 1400 oz. of water in a week
  • How much water should you drink?
  • How I automated 8 hours of work and watched Netflix all day
  • How to build a personal website
  • My personal website (the version I used in college)
  • Should you always send a cover letter?
  • My interview with Brad Karsh

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