The Productivity Project

In this episode, we’re talking about 6 lessons we learned from reading Chris Bailey’s .

Consider this the podcast sequel to the 5 Lessons I Learned from “The Productivity Project” by Chris Bailey video.

The main thesis of Chris’ book is that productivity is no longer simply about how you use and manage your time — it’s about how you manage your time, attention, and energy.

The reason for this is that now that most of us are no longer working on assembly lines, any given hour of work isn’t going to be exactly as productive or useful as another hour.

In the new knowledge economy, as he calls it, we’re expected to come up with creative solutions to ever-changing problems, and we need to keep our mind in the right state to get the answers we need.

Chris then goes on to detail various areas of productivity and techniques we can use to manage our time, attention, and energy to get the best value we can from our squishy grey lumps.

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The Productivity Project (Ep. 155)