The red phone is struggling, the resuscitation team to the races!


On my Station the red phone hanging in the hallway. You can as in the Film. As soon as there is somewhere in the hospital for an emergency, call one of the health care and nursing staff four times Four, and the red phone is struggling. 4444 is the number for the resuscitation team.

“We” are, my Team and I on the intensive care ward at the Asklepios clinic Wandsbek.

We are about 40 health and nurses, Doctors for medical patients and Doctors for surgical patients. My Station has capacity for a maximum of 19 people, the life is in danger and requires intensive medical care need.

I finished the training to be a nurse in March 2015, and for me, only the intensive care unit was out of the question. I take care of the different patients. A 21-year-old, moved to a super crash on the highway to us. A suicide attempt with drug intoxication. A seriously ill cancer patient.

It is only in the Team

My work is extremely demanding and exhausting. She shows me again and again, my physical and mental limits. But I love my work. There are a lot of reasons why I do this work every day: First of all, the Team is there. My colleagues at work have shown me so much and taught. We support each other. And we can laugh together, even – or perhaps especially – if the work is nerve-wrenching.

Another reason: I’m young, I need the money. Tempting the salary is in intensive care – health and nursing professionals earn, on average, not bad. It could be more. But who says that on his salary?

With a cool head, and Hand-in-Hand with the colleagues

But one of the main reasons is that it is always exciting. We are the resuscitation team: Is there somewhere in the hospital for an emergency, ring said red phone. It is often a revival. Two nurses and one of the Doctors race, with emergency equipment los!

On the phone, only the Station and a brief account of the Situation. What’s waiting for us actually, we know only locally. In the patient’s room arrived, we first of the doctor and a nurse, the most important information about the patient. What follows, is matched to each other and need to go quickly: vital signs back up. The breathing back up. The circuit using a Monitor to observe and try to stabilize.

The doctor and nurses work Hand-in-Hand. Emergency medications such as adrenaline to be arranged by the doctor and the nurses prepared and administered. It is important to keep a clear head, even if it is hectic. Even if the Patient is possibly Dying. It is important to work in a structured and safe. Unsuccessful Resuscitations can be psychologically very stressful. Therefore, the communication between colleagues is essential. We respect each other and talk, in retrospect, to be completely Frank about everything. The relieved tremendously.

How to comes with the death of cope

It happens that it takes the death of patients with home. It is a tragic and extreme situation. In the training and in the profession, everyone is his / her personal methods to deal with these events properly. It is placed in the training very much value.

There are also successful Resuscitations. We have often mastered emergencies very well. The Patient is out of danger, he is treated on the intensive care unit. And it is one of the most beautiful experiences that accompany people, to be healthy again. The Patient himself and his relatives suffer through a life crisis. We as nurses help them to survive this. The gratitude of the patients at the time of their dismissal, fills me with joy. These moments lead me the value and meaning of my work. You provide me the reason why I work as a nurse in the ICU daily, like exercise and love.

Photo: Farshid Ahmadi