The treatment natural treatments against psoriasis

Les traitements soins naturels contre le psoriasis

The skin conditions are more and more recurrent, and among these are psoriasis, which affects nearly 2 % of the French population. It is an inflammation of the epidermis which is manifested by the presence of reddish patches covered with silvery scales on the skin. However, there are several effective solutions to end this chronic condition of the skin. What are the causes of this inflammation and what are the different natural treatments against psoriaris ?

Psoriasis : causes and symptoms of the disease

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammation that can take other proportions when it is associated to other skin diseases. However, this inflammation of the skin has many causes, including :

  • The causes of hereditary (family history) ;
  • The psychological causes (emotional shocks, stress, anxiety, emotional shock, etc)
  • The infectious causes (infections, drugs, injury, etc) ;
  • The causes autoimmune (exponential multiplication of the cells of the epidermis).

The manifestations of the disease are not always identical among the victims. You can observe several symptoms depending on the patients :

  • The spots or red lesions on the skin, which is covered with silvery scales white ;
  • Nails brittle, discolored and sometimes stained ;
  • Dandruff flakes in the scalp.

It should be noted that the lesions can reach the edge of the ears, the mouth, the nose and even the neck.

Psoriasis : the natural remedies

The multiple tips of the grandmother can treat psoriasis naturally and without the risk of side effects. Here are the natural remedies the most effective against psoriasis :

  • Aloe vera

The aloe vera gel very effective against the ailments and injuries of the skin. Apply regularly until the healing is complete, the gel on the parts of your body affected by psoriasis.

  • The shea butter

Just like the aloe vera, it is to be applied regularly on the plates, or sores, and the result will be very satisfactory.

  • Argan oil bio

This oil has several therapeutic properties and is rich in antioxidants. You can apply it on your skin and especially on the infected parts and you will see the effectiveness of this oil against psoriasis.

  • The oil of nigella or black cumin

You can use this oil to effectively treat psoriasis. By its virtues, exfoliating, black cumin oil is perfect to treat and heal conditions of the skin while nourishing it.

  • The soap of Aleppo

This antiseptic soap is recommended for use in the treatment against psoriasis. You just need to be washed regularly with soap in order to take advantage of its many benefits against skin diseases and the restoration of the hydrolipidic film.

  • Chamomile

Chamomile is very effective cure for skin conditions. It has anti-inflammatory virtues very powerful which make it a product suitable for the treatment of psoriasis. You can apply it regularly on your affected skin, the decoction of camomile matricaire.

The natural treatment of psoriasis is very effective. You can follow it for a few weeks to achieve results. There are several types of psoriasis, but these treatments are recommended to permanently get rid of psoriasis in all its forms.