Together, laugh together

A well-functioning Team is the Basis for satisfaction. And this is important, especially in the stress of everyday life. Sometimes you have to make to the Horst, even when the Stress gets to you, to lift the mood again. The a Team: people who pull together, and not always with a dark, serious expression, on the Station walk needs.

Together, with the result that the team moves together and we no longer feel the stress of everyday life as a so-bad laugh. It is a lot of fooling around to around and laughed. In this case, the helps to save, the Motivation of the colleagues, if the load is immense, whether it be through pressure of time or lack of staff. It is so important to go with fun to work. In a strong Team it is easier to deal with difficult situations and to digest low blows. Each strengthens the other and one catches the other. Satisfied colleagues will be sick less often. And if the colleagues like to come to the service, the effect of positive mood on the patient.

Patients with laugh like

Apart from this, our patients have been involved in such sensitivities are very sensitive. Just in the ICU, my job, the Situation for our patients anything other than funny. This is just why you laugh. How to tell us the patient often? You may not only lose the Humor, the life is sad enough as it is.

Laughter is healthy

So, it must be laughed! This ensures a positive mood. Laughter is a part of the human being and promotes the healing process – even in the Team!

Because only a healthy Team is powerful and can withstand the stress of everyday life. Not infrequently, friendships in the workplace. The joint work that combines Experienced and many that are on the Station, to spend leisure time together.

Photo: Andreas Schäfer