We are a care-Team

In today’s time, the term “Team” is a trend word.

In almost every job advertisement team will be “competitive” colleague wanted.

Something must be off in these Teams.

Evil tongues claim that the “Team” for “Great, another one makes it”.

In everyday life this seems to be true somehow, sometimes, or do you have other experiences?

Already in Childhood, we start to work together. I was in Kindergarten quickly learned that “nonsense” in a group is much more fun than alone.

Three to four guys on one side, the teacher on the other – that was something! You have a common goal, is motivated, works together and is well organized. One for all, all for one.

As in the Kindergarten, or?

At the same time, experienced in such Teams, the funniest things. As Paul steals the Benjamin of his shovel. Claudia is so mean to Andrea, until the teacher intervenes. Kevin is sulking and does not want to play with the other kids. In good Teams, there are times quarrel.

Replace the word “shovel” by “ideas”. “The governess” by “the superiors” and “play” with “work”. You will have the daily madness. Our Kindergarten learned rules, we take funny way, later on in the working world.

But the good thing is that in a Team, it is a strange rule: 1+1=3. If my math teacher would have seen otherwise, seems to be the solution to votes in the Team. A Team is more than the sum of its parts. The Team benefits from each individual and each member of the group. The “I” in Team, without losing themselves in it.

A Team needs time to grow

A good Team takes time. New colleagues must find their place. Differences of opinion must be held. Structure, order, and trust must arise. When calm returns, it goes to work!

Wow! A Team that supports, can achieve beautiful! It gives you a good Grip. Sometimes there is also a Kick in the ass. It laughs, but suffers also. It provides support in difficult times. So a Team can be quite strong!

Not to be messing with a Team member that can go wrong! A Team developed rules of the game. These rules are sometimes visible, sometimes hidden. If You don’t follow the rules, you can be a Team, too nice, too mean!

My care Team: We have…

I look at my staff, my care Team, I need to smile sometimes! The Paul’s, the Benjamin’s, the Claudia’s, the Andrew and the Kevins… I have them all, but somehow you have me.

Photo: Fotolia / sudok1