What are the dimensions of a skateboard?

What are the dimensions of a skateboard?

Most skateboards range between 7.5 and 8.4 inches the most popular being 8 inches. At SkateHut you can shop for skateboard decks with a width size of anywhere between a 7.5 inches and 10.5 inches.

Is 7.75 a good skateboard size?

7.00″ to 7.50″: Narrow decks ideal for youth riders. 7.50″ to 8.00″: Medium deck width for teen or adult riders skating street terrain or doing more technical tricks. 8.00″ to 8.50″: Ideal for various street and transition terrain. Parks, pools, rails, stairs.

What is the average skate deck size?

around 31″ – 33″

What size skateboard should I get for my height?

Skateboard Deck Size Chart

Deck Width Age Height
7″ or Less 8 or Younger 4’4″ or less
7″- 7.5″ 9 – 12 4’5″ – 5’2″
7.5″+ 13+ 5’3″ +

Is a 7 inch skateboard too small?

A 7.0 deck is almost comically small unless you’re a child. Typically most people skate between a 7.75 and an 8.5.

Is an 8 inch skateboard too big?

If you wear shoes 9.5 or larger, we recommend getting a deck between 8.0 and 8.5 inches. In general, skaters who like flip tricks, manuals, ledges, flat bars and technical tricks usually prefer boards on the narrower side of the spectrum (7.75 – 8.25 inches).

Can a skateboard be too big?

Skateboard decks vary in width from 7.5″ to 8.25″. If you choose a board with a too-large width for you, you will need to exert excessive power, which can make skateboarding and trick riding difficult. If you choose a board with a too-small width for you, you’ll have trouble balancing and won’t feel stable.

What size skateboard does Tony Hawk Ride?


How big is a 8.0 skateboard?

Skateboard Deck Size Chart

Deck Width (in) Suggested Truck Axle Width (in)
7.6 – 8.0 7.75 / 7.8
7.75 – 8.25 8.0
7.875 – 8.375 8.125
8.0 – 8.5 8.25

Should I get an 8 or 8.25 skateboard?

If you wear shoes 9.5 or larger, we recommend getting a deck between 8.0 and 8.5 inches. Those who skate big bowls, hand rails, or like to jump down large gaps and stairs are usually more comfortable with a larger board (8.25 – 9.0 inches).

What is the best truck size for a 8.0 deck?


Is a 7.5 skateboard too small?

Mini decks are the best skateboards for beginners who are 6-8 years old, between 3’5” and 4’4” tall who wear size 4-6 shoes. 7.5″ to 8″ – Standard deck size for most riders skating streets or doing more technical tricks with a shoe size of 11 or less.

What is a good skateboard size for beginners?


Can you use 7.75 trucks on an 8 deck?

Yep. The trucks will fit fine, just not optimally. You won’t notice the difference, though, it’s not big enough to matter unless you’re doing freestyle tricks like rail stands.

Is it easier to Ollie with smaller wheels?

Small wheels make it easier to land tricks, even when they feel a bit sketchy. Smaller wheels accelerate faster compared to larger wheels which is great when you only have a short distance between you and an object you want to ollie stairs for example.

What happens if your trucks are smaller than the deck?

Running trucks that are smaller than your deck actually reduces wheelbite, because of the geometry involved you end up with more wheel clearance.

Does Truck Size Matter in a skateboard?

The trucks should always fit the width of your Skateboard. It’s important that they’re not much wider than the deck because otherwise, the centre of gravity will shift to the side of the deck. This may have an effect on flip tricks and can affect the general boardfeel.

What is the best truck size for a 8.25 deck?

Size Guide – Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard Truck Size Guide
Deck Size Hanger Width Ace
7.5 to 7.75″ 127mm / 5″ 22
7.75 to 8.25″ 137mm / 5.25″ 33
8.25 to 8.75″ 149mm / 6″ 44

What size wheels do I need for a 8.25 deck?


Deck Size truck Size Wheel Size
8.0 7.75 – 8.25 Axles 50 – 54 mm
8.125 8.0 – 8.25 AXLES 50 – 54 mm
8.25 8.0 – 8.5 axles 52 – 55 mm
8.375 8.25 – 8.5 axles 52 – 55 mm

What happens if your trucks are too small?

What Happens When Your Trucks Are Too Narrow. When you’re trucks don’t match your board and aren’t wide enough you’ll get the carpet riding effect. You won’t be able to see your wheels, just your deck. Just a tad too small doesn’t really matter but at a certain point, you’ll run into trouble.

What do truck sizes mean?

Truck size is measured by axle width or hanger width. The width of the hanger and axle determines how far apart your wheels are. Generally speaking, go with an axle that is just greater or less than 1/4″ the width of the board.

How wide is independent 139?

Independent Trucks Size Chart

Independent Trucks Size 109 139
Equivalent (Thunder) 143 147
Axle Length 6.9″ 8.0″
Suggested Deck Width 6.2″ – 7.6″ 7.8″ – 8.2″

What size trucks are 139?

Independent Skateboard Truck Size Chart

Truck Size Axle Width (in) Skateboard Deck Width (in)
109 6.9 6.25 – 7.6
129 7.6 7.4 – 7.8
139 8 7.8 – 8.2
144 8.25 8.2 – 8.375

Are 139 trucks on a 8.25 deck?

The Independent 139 was a little shy of being wide enough and 149 created a little overhang. Indy recently hit the market with their Independent 144 truck and it was the Goldilocks of trucks for an 8.25″ deck. Recently however, for us anyways, the 139 has come back with vengeance as our best selling size.

How much do independent 139 weigh?

The Independent 139 Stage 11 Silver skateboard trucks improve upon the performance and iconic look of the Stage 10 design with newly reworked geometry….More Skateboard Trucks.

Size 8.0 axle
Hanger (mm): 137.0
Board Range (in): 7.75 – 8.25
Height (mm): 55.0
Weight (g): 376.0

Are Titanium trucks lighter?

The Forged Titanium trucks are the lightest trucks in Independent’s product range. This is due to the titanium axles and hollow kingpins. In combination with the forged Baseplate, those features even make the trucks a bit stronger….Weight.

Model Weight
Forged Titanium 149 ~344 g (14-15 % lighter)

Should I skate high or low trucks?

Low trucks are generally for tech skating as the wheels sit closer to the board, creating a tighter center of gravity, making flip tricks a bit easier. You’ll want to ride smaller wheels, 48mm to 53mm, to avoid wheel bite. Low Trucks are better suited to ledge grinds and general ‘tech’ skatepark skating.

Do light trucks make a difference?

Most skaters go with the lighter trucks obviously so the board isn’t as heavy, and so it’s much easier to ollie and do tricks. Don’t get something that’s too light though. Too light means there’s less metal supplemented to the truck, and therefore it could give you something like this: Not good.