What divides a triangle into three equal areas?

What divides a triangle into three equal areas?

Another way to divide a triangle into three triangles of equal area is to find the centroid (the point where the medians intersect). After determining the centroid (point G below), construct the segments connecting the vertices to the centroid. The three triangle created are of equal area.

How do you partition a triangle?

A triangle can be divided into two triangles by drawing a median on its largest edge (In the figure above such a division is shown with the red line). Then the smaller two triangles can be divided in similar fashion into four triangles (Shown in the picture with blue lines). This process can continue forever.

How can you divide an equilateral triangle into three congruent triangles?

Take an equilateral triangle with sides of unit length and choose a vertex from which to draw two cevians to the opposite side. These cevians divide the equilateral triangle into three subtriangles.

What happens when you split an equilateral triangle?

If a perpendicular bisector is drawn in an equilateral triangle, the triangle is divided in half, and each half is a congruent 30-60-90 right triangle. The side of the equilateral triangle that represents the height of the triangle will have a length of because it will be opposite the 60o angle.

Can you split a triangle into 4 equal parts?

A triangle can be split into four equal parts by taking a few measurements. The Sierpinski Triangle is an example of splitting triangles into fourths. Draw a line from the midpoint of the bottom of the triangle to the midpoints of the other two sides, then connect the midpoints of those two sides.

How do you divide a triangle into 8 equal parts?

Simplest way is to draw two diagonals and two lines joining the mid-points of opposite sides of the rectangle. This not only divides the rectangle into 8 triangles, it also results in 8 identical triangles.