What is cyclic quadrilateral explain with diagram?

What is cyclic quadrilateral explain with diagram?

Cyclic Quadrilateral Definition It means that all the four vertices of quadrilateral lie in the circumference of the circle. Let us understand with a diagram. It is noted that the sum of the angles formed at the vertices is always 360o and the sum of angles formed at the opposite vertices is always supplementary.

What is the special type of quadrilateral ABCD?

A quadrilateral is called a parallelogram, if both pairs of its opposite sides are parallel. AB ∥ DC and AD ∥ BC. So, ABCD is a parallelogram. A parallelogram having all sides equal, is called a rhombus.

What is a cyclic quadrilateral Class 9?

A cyclic quadrilateral or inscribed quadrilateral is a quadrilateral whose vertices all lie on a single circle. This circle is called the circumcircle or circumscribed circle, and the vertices are said to be concyclic.

What is opposite angles of a quadrilateral?

Two angles of a quadrilateral which are not adjacent angles are known as opposite angles. In the given figure, (∠A, ∠C) and (∠B, ∠D) are two pairs of opposite angles of quadrilateral ABCD.

What are opposite sides in a quadrilateral?

Two sides of a quadrilateral are called its opposite sides if they do not have a common endpoint. In the given figure, (AB, DC) and (AD, BC) are two pairs of opposite sides of quadrilateral ABCD.

How do you introduce the topic quadrilateral?

The word ‘quad’ means four and the word lateral means sides. Thus, a plane figure bounded by four line segments AB, BC, CD and DA is called a quadrilateral and is written as quad. ABCD. On the basis of diagonals, there are two types of quadrilaterals.

What do you mean by adjacent sides in a quadrilateral?

Adjacent sides two sides of a quadrilateral are called its adjacent sides if they have a common endpoint.

What is the introduction of quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is a 4-sided plane figure. Below are some important properties of quadrilaterals : Every quadrilateral has 4 vertices, 4 angles, and 4 sides. The total of its interior angles = 360 degrees.