What is Robtops real name?

What is Robtops real name?

Robert Nicholas Christian Topala

Who found geometry dash?

Geometry Dash is a series of five video games developed by Sweden-based developer Robert Topala (commonly referred to as RobTop and jokingly as RubRub), and published by his own company, RobTop Games.

When was geometry dash created?


What is the easiest demon?

° Demon Demon Rating
1 Demon Mixed 0.25/10
2 The Lightning Road 1/10
3 The Nightmare 1.25/10
4 Clutterfunk v2 2.5/10

What is the easiest extreme demon?

Probably “The JanuS Miracle”. Just need some extremely good flying skill around 50%-70%. The Janus miracle definately, Cataclysm and Heartbeat are probably the next easiest.

Why is 2.2 taking so long?

2.2 has been taking so long because of the addition of Challenge Mode, a multiplayer gamemode, which is something that RobTop hasn’t made before.

Is geometry dash free on Xbox?

Game Features • Rhythm-based Action Platforming! Approved by RobTop games, enjoy Geometry Run Dash now for FREE!

Is geometry dash 2.2 out?

22nd December: 2.2 was added on the lite version of Geometry Dash, with a new level, Electroman Adventures. Also, the level copy exploits from GD World now has 2.2 features.

Is geometry dash on Nintendo switch?

Geometry Dash is FINALLY coming to Nintendo Switch! Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles!

Can you get banned from geometry dash?

you get banned. thats what happens. you will get removed from leaderboards, cant upload levels, cant see leaderboards, levels may get deleted. Cant download levels/check featured/search for levels.

Can you play geometry dash on 3DS?

Geometry Dash can be in the Nintendo E-Shop and we can download it from there. You can jump by pressing the A button and you can make levels in the level editor on the touchscreen part of the 3DS.

Can you use a controller on geometry dash mobile?

Yes, it’s called a USB on the go cable and they are extremely cheap. If your mouse/controller uses USB, this is pretty much how you use it on a mobile device. I don’t know about iOS but I know that almost all Android devices support this and I’ve used it for GD before.

Can you use a PS4 controller on geometry dash?

This tutorial will help you use a PS4 controller for geometry dash on steam without using any external programs! :D. Now now now, you need to plug in your PS4 with a charger or something to your pc. If you did everything correctly, you should see “Play Station 4 Controller”. Click it.

Can you play geometry dash with an Xbox controller?

This can actually be done with android, just connect the controller to your phone with a wire or connect via bluetooth.

Can you play geometry dash with a controller on IPAD?

Geometry Dash can be played with a touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, or controller (depending on the platform). The player uses the jump function to control the movement of their icon.

Is geometry dash on console?

Geometry Dash is not on any gaming consoles like PS4. It’s either on computer/pc or a mobile device.

How do you get geometry dash on a Chromebook?

Get the game! You can also just hit the Finder key on your keyboard (magnifying glass). Then search for “Play Store” and you should see it. Once you’re in the Play Store, search for “geometry dash.” Or you just click here. Read it over.

How do you get geometry dash for free on school Chromebook?

Play Geometry Dash on Chromebook!

  1. navigate to the chrome app store and download a app called Arc Welder here:
  2. Once you are finished downloading arc welder download the apk of GD:
  3. go to your downloads folder by opening the app called “files” in your apps section.
  4. Once you are in the files app you should see the apk in your downloads folder.

How do you jump in geometry dash on PC?

Geometry Dash

  1. Jumping. To jump you can either press the left mouse button (LMB) the up arrow or space.
  2. Thanks for reading. Was this guide helpful (of course not) type it in the comments thank you again for (not) reading 🙂
  3. WAIT! Dont Jump in auto levels !!!! i mean it ! only jump when you want.

Can you get geometry dash for free?

Geometry Dash is a free full version game that people can experience on computers, laptops, and handheld devices: iPad, iPhone, etc. You can download Geometry Dash to experience the original levels.