What is the balanced chemical equation for H2 O2 H2O?

What is the balanced chemical equation for H2 O2 H2O?

A chemical equation is a shorthand description of a chemical reaction. The following equation describes the burning of hydrogen gas to form liquid water. 2H2(g) + O2(g) → 2H2O(l ) Chemical equations give the following information about chemical reactions.

Is 2 h2o2 → 2 H2O O2 balanced?

This reaction is of the spontaneous decomposition of hydrogen peroxide down into water and oxygen. Add 2 molecules of hydrogen peroxide and 2 molecules of water. Since oxygen is naturally diatomic, the total number of atoms of each element is now the same on both sides of the equation so it is balanced.

What type of reaction is 2 NaClO3 → 2 nacl 3 o2?

Type of Chemical Reaction: For this reaction we have a decomposition reaction. Balancing Strategies: To balance this reaction it is best to get the Oxygen atoms on the reactant side of the equation to an even number. Once this is done everything else falls into place. Put a “2” in front of the NaClO3.

What does naclo3 decompose into?

The thermal decomposition of sodium chlorate to produce sodium chloride and oxygen. This reaction takes place at a temperature near 250°C.

Is Ki an acid or base?

It is a neutral salt! Potassium will act as a spectator ion (as any group 1A element) and since the conjugate acid of I- is a strong acid (hydroiodic acid), it will also act as a spectator. Similarly with NaCl or KBr.

Is o2 a strong acid?

Oxygen is a Lewis base (that too a weak one), not a Lewis acid. REASON: It has lone pair of electrons, which can be donated to electron-deficient species (Lewis acids).

What is the PH of HSO4?

pH of Common Acids and Bases

Acid Name 1 mM
H2SeO3 selenous acid 3.15
H2SeO4 selenic acid 2.74
H2SO4 sulfuric acid 2.75
H3AsO3 arsenious acid 6.07

Which acid is stronger H2SO4 or HSO4?

HSO4- is not a strong acid because it is actually a weak acid. That means that it partially dissociates to make H+ and SO4^2-. However, H2SO4 is a strong acid and completely dissociates to create H+ and HSO4-.