What is the circumference of 25 inches?

What is the circumference of 25 inches?

How far around is a circle that is 25 inches across?…Circumference of a 25 Inch Diameter Circle.

78.540 inches
6′ 6.54″ feet and inches
1.9949 meters
199.49 centimeters

What is the formula for finding the circumstance for a circle with just the radius?

The circumference of a circle is equal to pi times the diameter. The diameter is two times the radius, so the equation for the circumference of a circle using the radius is two times pi times the radius.

What is the measure of EAC?

EAC = AC + (BAC – EV) It is generally AC plus the remaining value of the work to perform.

What is the measure of GFD?

GFD-Net selects a functionality for each gene (specified by a GO term), weights each edge according to the dissimilarity between the nodes at its ends and calculates a quantitative measure of the network functional dissimilarity, i.e. a quantitative value of the degree of dissimilarity between the connected genes.

What is the measure of minor arc BD quizlet?

Points A, B, C, D lie in this order on the circumference of a circle. Minor arc AC is 160°, and minor arc BD is 140°.

How does the measure of angle RNQ relate to the measure of PR?

How does the measure of angle RNQ relate to the measure of arc PR? Angle RNQ is equal in measure to arc PR.

Which best describes Triangle JLM?

An Equilateral triangle is one that has all the three sides equal.In Euclidean geometry, an Equilateral triangle is also Equiangular. This is to say that all three internal angles are congruent to one another and are 60 degrees. The major arc jl measures 300°, triangle jlm will be equilateral.

What describes a triangle?

A triangle is any closed figure made by three line segments intersecting at their endpoints. Every triangle has three vertices (the points where the segments meet), three sides (the segments), and three interior angles (formed at each vertex). In any triangle, two of the angles will always be acute.

Which describes Triangle JLM Brainly?

Answer: Triangle JLM is equilateral.

What is the perimeter of Triangle Ron?

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Points N and R both lie on circle O. Line segment RQ is tangent to the circle at point R. What is the perimeter of triangle RON? b. 15.0 units
What is the measure of angle EFD? c. 47.5°
Line segment ON is perpendicular to line segment ML. What is the length of chord ML? b. 24 units

What is the measure of angle CAB in circle?

This means that angle 𝐶𝐴𝐵 is equal to 94 divided by two. 94 divided by two is equal to 47 degrees. The sum of the angles in a triangle equals 180 degrees. Therefore, angle 𝐴𝐶𝐵 is equal to 180 minus 68 plus 47.

What is the measure of Wux in Circle V?

Answer: Step-by-step explanation: The complete question is: In circle V, angle WXZ measures 30°.