What is the noble gas notation for xenon?

What is the noble gas notation for xenon?

Xenon is a chemical element with symbol Xe and atomic number 54. Classified as a noble gas, Xenon is a gas at room temperature.

What class of element is xenon in?

noble gases

What is the noble gas notation for TC?


Term Li Definition Lithium [He] 2s1
Term Zr Definition Zirconium [Kr] 4d2 5s2
Term Nb Definition Niobium [Kr] 4d4 5s1
Term Mo Definition Molybdenum [Kr] 4d5 5s1
Term Tc Definition Technetium [Kr] 4d5 5s2

What is the predicted order of the first ionization energies from highest to lowest for lithium sodium potassium and rubidium?

The first ionization energy is the energy that the atom lost its first electrons. The energy decrease and the atom is more reactive. So from highest to lowest is Li>Na>K>Rb.

Which species has the highest ionization energy?


Which group has the lowest ionization energy?

alkali metals

Which element is the largest alkali metal?

  • francium. The heaviest of the alkali metals is very rare and radioactive and has a very short life span (about 22 minutes).
  • cesium. Rare metal that is used especially in photoelectric cells, atomic clocks, infrared lamps and treating certain cancers.
  • rubidium.
  • potassium.
  • sodium.
  • lithium.

Which of the group 13 elements is the largest?

While, aluminum, indium, and thallium have typical metal properties, gallium has the largest liquid range of any element. Boron exists as a molecular compound in the solid state, hence its high melting point….Physical properties.

Element B
Mp (°C) 2300
Bp (°C) 3658
Density (g/cm3) 2.3

Which element in Group 2 has the smallest atomic radius?


What does the elements K and KR have in common?

Potassium (K) and Krypton (Kr) are in the same group, so they have the same number of valence electrons. Potassium (K) and Krypton (Kr) are in the same group, so they have the same number of valence electrons. Potassium is more reactive, because it has less electron shells than Krypton.

What element has 4shells?


What does beryllium and magnesium have in common?

They are beryllium (Be), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), strontium (Sr), barium (Ba), and radium (Ra). The elements have very similar properties: they are all shiny, silvery-white, somewhat reactive metals at standard temperature and pressure.

What is the difference between beryllium and magnesium?

Beryllium can be thought of as being even more covalent than magnesium. The small size (ca. 0.3 Å) results in a very high charge density of Be2+….Beryllium.

M Structure
Be Polymer (4-coordinate Be)
Mg Cadmium chloride structure (6-coordinate Mg)
Ca Deformed rutile structure (6-coordinate Ca)

What element is most similar to magnesium?


Why does beryllium and magnesium do not give Colour to flame?

* The electrons in beryllium and magnesium are too strongly bound to get excited by flame. Beryllium and magnesium also belong to alkaline earth elements. Due to their small size it shows high nuclear effective energy. Due to this they beryllium and magnesium do not give color to flame.