What is the volume of a 12cm sphere?

What is the volume of a 12cm sphere?

The volume of a sphere. can you help? find the volume of a sphere that has a diameter of 12 cm. /3 r3 = 4/3 3.1416 63 = 904.78 cubic centimeters.

What is the volume in cubic units of a sphere with a radius of 12 units?

12 cubed is 1728. Multiply that by 43 and you get 2304. If you substitute pi with 3.14, your final answer is 7234.56 .

Why is the formula for volume of a sphere?

Volume of a sphere = 4/3 πr3 If you consider a circle and a sphere, both are round. The difference between the two shapes is that a circle is a two-dimensional shape and sphere is a three-dimensional shape which is the reason that we can measure Volume and area of a Sphere.

What is the difference between surface area and volume of a sphere?

To calculate the amount of material to cover a sphere the ___________ formula is used. The surface area of a sphere is measured in ______ units. The formula for surface area of a sphere is ________. S = 4πr2….Comparing the Surface Area and Volume of a Sphere.

Radius Surface Area Volume
4 201.06 268.08
5 314.16 523.6
6 452.39 904.78
7 615.75 1436.8

Can a sphere have the same surface area and volume?

Area = 4 × π × r2 square units. Similarly, its volume is 4 × π/3 cubic feet = 2304 π cubic inches. So, your question really has no meaning: By choosing units appropriately, every sphere will have the same numerical value for its volume and surface area!

Does a sphere have more volume than a cube?

The answer is between a cube and a sphere of the same volume, a sphere has less surface area. Finer a thing is cut or broken, the more is its surface area. The volume, however, does not change. The heat is absorbed or lost by a body through its surfaces ie it is proportional to the surface area.

Why does a sphere have the smallest surface area to volume ratio?

The sphere is perfectly symmetrical, and has the smallest ratio of surface area to volume of any three-dimensional shape. The internal and external forces at work within and around these structures force them to assume the shape that has the smallest possible surface area for the volume contained, which is a sphere.

How do surface area and volume compare?

Finding surface area of solid figure is like finding how much wrapping paper that is required to cover the solid; it is the area of the outside faces of a box. It is measured in square units. Volume is the number of unit cubes that make up a solid figure. Volume is the amount of space inside of the solid figure.