What mutual choose when one is independent nurse ?

The occupations of health have their share of risks, and the fact of occupying such a position should certainly not provide the appropriate insurance cover. What are the choices of mutual for independent nurse is to be done ? What are the specificities of the social protection for this kind of professions ? Here are a few elements of response.

About the status of a worker a non-employee

As a freelancer, you are considered a self-employed worker, or TNS. The TNS are attached to the social plan of independents, but the nature and amount of reimbursements of health to be hoped for from this fund are similar to those of the general scheme.

In other words, you are reimbursed up to 70% for your medical expenses, 60% for your medical tests, or even to 80% in the case of hospitalization of a duration of less than thirty days. In fact, it turns out for you essential to subscribe to a social coverage complementary.

It is important to choose a mutual nurse-adapted to the realities of your profession and the risks incurred by your activity.

Mutual nurse : what are the elements to take into account ?

Essential, the amount of the contributions shall be the object of serious study. In fact, it may be tempting to opt for a mutual nurse to attractive rates, the reality of the expenses can very quickly make it back to the person concerned on its positions.

Sometimes it is better to pay a little bit more expensive, so be sure to benefit from adequate social protection. There are many key points to check would be-that in comparison with your Social Security, each person is unique in their needs. What are the services offered by the insurer ? What is the reimbursement rate proposed ? What are the diseases and the risks covered ? It is necessary to put all these items in question before making his choice.

In terms of health, nurses are well placed to know that many problems can arise, and this at a time when you least expect it. Receive solid coverage is essential, therefore, all the more that it is a medium in contact with many diseases.

What about the law Madelin ?

It is important to choose a mutual to a nurse whose specific characteristics are adapted to the realities of your business. However, too much specialization can have a negative effect on the protection of the rest of your family.

Fortunately, you are free to opt for the insurer, and the formula of your choice, without restriction. One exception, your contract must meet the requirements set by the law Madelin. And this is to your advantage, since the law Madelin sets of tax deductions in relation to your contributions : in other words, you can deduct from your taxable income the cost of your contributions. It is therefore necessary that the formula of your choice to be eligible for these deductions.

It is also possible to cover not only the professional of the hospital concerned, but also for his whole family. However, only the contributions you pensionable personally repayments can be deducted, and not those relating to your family members.

In addition, since 2015, the tax deduction relates only to the mutual that meet the requirements of the contract based on responsibility and solidarity, which define, in particular, the course of coordinated care (implying that in the first place by his / her treating physician before a specialist). These measures follow the law ANI.

Thus you’ll repayments lessened if you consult a specialist directly and have to settle the exceedances of fees. It is possible to oppose a parade to the system by opting for a “top-hat” health. This solution has the advantage to overcome the defects of repayment of the RSI and of the first supplementary.