What phase change happens in the process of condensation?

What phase change happens in the process of condensation?

During condensation, a substance is changed from the gaseous to the liquid state of matter. Vaporization, which is more often referred to as “boiling,” is the complementary process in which a chemical is converted from the liquid state of matter to a gaseous physical form.

At which phase changes the water absorb energy?


How many deposition techniques are there?


What is deposition technology used for?

The deposition of thin films on a surface is used for modification of the physical or chemical properties of the surface of the coated material. They can change its optical, electrical and thermal properties; however, thin films do not change the bulk properties of the material./span>

Which coating is thin and dissolve rapidly?

Film coating

What types of substrates can be treated with atomic layer deposition?

A wide range of materials can be deposited using ALD, including oxides, metals, sulfides, and fluorides, and there is a wide range of properties that these coatings can exhibit, depending on the application.

How thick is an atomic layer?

Precise and repeatable: Film growth thickness during a single ALD cycle is process specific, but typically about 1 Å (0.1 nm). Thin, dense, and smooth: ALD enables depositing layers less than one nanometer in thickness. Coatings as thin as 0.8 nm are currently used in certain industrial applications.

What is Pecvd system?

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) is a process by which thin films of various materials can be deposited on substrates at lower temperature than that of standard Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). Plasma-Therm offers PECVD technology on the Vision Series and VERSALINE platforms. …

What is a self limiting reaction?

Self-limiting means that the surface reactions will stop and self-saturates when the surface reactive sites are entirely depleted. Because each reaction is self-limiting, the unique growth technique can provide atomic layer control.