What structure on the continental crust is most similar to an ocean ridge?

What structure on the continental crust is most similar to an ocean ridge?

What structure on the continental crust is most similar to an ocean ridge? -Plains. -Mountain range.

What does oceanic and continental crust have in common?

It is the solid rock layer upon which we live. It is either continental or oceanic. Continental crust is typically 30-50 km thick, whilst oceanic crust is only 5-10 km thick. Oceanic crust is denser, can be subducted and is constantly being destroyed and replaced at plate boundaries.

What kind of rock is most common in the oceanic crust in the continental crust?

Granitic rock

What rock is closest to the mid-ocean ridge?


What can you find in mid-ocean ridge?

Mid-ocean ridges occur along divergent plate boundaries, where new ocean floor is created as the Earth’s tectonic plates spread apart. As the plates separate, molten rock rises to the seafloor, producing enormous volcanic eruptions of basalt.

What is a mid ocean ridge simple definition?

: an elevated region with a central valley on an ocean floor at the boundary between two diverging tectonic plates where new crust forms from upwelling magma.

What is the role of the mid ocean ridge?

Mid-ocean ridges represent one of the most important geologic processes shaping the Earth: Over the last 200 million years, two-thirds of the Earth has been resurfaced through this process of seafloor spreading, either at conventional mid-ocean ridge spreading centers or at spreading centers in back-arc basins behind …

Is the mid-ocean ridge a volcano?

The mid-ocean ridge is a continuous range of undersea volcanic mountains that encircles the globe almost entirely underwater. It formed and evolves as a result of spreading in Earth’s lithosphere—the crust and upper mantle—at the divergent boundaries between tectonic plates. …

What force is causing magma to be pushed up in the middle of the ocean?

Ridge push (also known as gravitational sliding) or sliding plate force is a proposed driving force for plate motion in plate tectonics that occurs at mid-ocean ridges as the result of the rigid lithosphere sliding down the hot, raised asthenosphere below mid-ocean ridges.

What happens in Ridge push?

Ridge Push. Gravitational force that causes a plate to move away from the crest of an ocean ridge, and into a subduction zone. It works together with Slab Pull, but is much less significant. See also Slab Pull.

What are the similarities and differences between ridge push and slab pull?

Ridge push is caused by the potential energy gradient from the high topography of the ridges. Slab pull is caused by the negative buoyancy of the subducting plate.

What is responsible for Ridge push?

Seafloor spreading is the natural process responsible for ridge push.

What causes ridge push?

plate tectonics (the Mid-Atlantic Ridge), known as ridge push, in the Atlantic Ocean. This push is caused by gravitational force, and it exists because the ridge occurs at a higher elevation than the rest of the ocean floor. As rocks near the ridge cool, they become denser, and gravity pulls them away…

What is a ridge?

1 : an elevated body part or structure. 2a : a range of hills or mountains. b : an elongate elevation on an ocean bottom. 3 : an elongate crest or a linear series of crests. 4 : a raised strip (as of plowed ground)

What is the primary force that generates Ridge push?