What types of triangles have at least two acute angles right obtuse equilateral isosceles?

What types of triangles have at least two acute angles right obtuse equilateral isosceles?

An obtuse triangle must contain an obtuse angle and two acute angles. An equilateral triangle must be 60 degrees in every corner, and thus there are 2+ acute angles. An isosceles triangle can have two angles that are 30 degrees (thus two acute), and a 120 degree angle.

What kind of triangle has 2 acute angles and 1 obtuse angle?

obtuse triangle

How many triangles have at least 2 acute angles?

Answer and Explanation: Yes, all triangles have at least two acute angles. Acute angles are angles that measure less than 90 degrees, while obtuse angles measure greater…

What type of triangle has all acute angles?

Acute Triangle – Definition with Examples

Equilateral Acute Triangle: Isosceles Acute Triangle:
All the interior angles of an equilateral acute triangle measure 60°. It is also known as equiangular triangle. Two angles of an isosceles acute triangle that measure the same, just like its two sides.

Can a triangle have 2 right angles?

No, a triangle can never have 2 right angles. A triangle has exactly 3 sides and the sum of interior angles sum up to 180°. Thus, it is not possible to have a triangle with 2 right angles.

Can 1 acute and 2 right form a triangle?

Types of Triangles. All equilateral triangles are equiangular. A right triangle will have 1 right angle and 2 acute angles. An obtuse triangle will have 1 obtuse triangle and 2 acute angles.

How many right angles can be in an obtuse triangle?

A triangle cannot be right-angled and obtuse angled at the same time. Since a right-angled triangle has one right angle, the other two angles are acute. Therefore, an obtuse-angled triangle can never have a right angle; and vice versa.

What are the other two angles in a right triangle?

Explanation: The sum of the angles in a triangle is 180. A right triangle has one angle of 90. Thus, the sum of the other two angles will be 90.

How many right angles does a triangle have?

one right angle

Can a triangle have 3 right angles?

No, real, triangle can have three right angles. The sum of the angles formed must equal 180° and the sum of the length of two sides must be greater than the length of the third.

What are the 3 angles of a right triangle?

Since the three interior angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees, in a right triangle, since one angle is always 90 degrees, the other two must always add up to 90 degrees (they are complementary). The side opposite the right angle is called the hypotenuse.

Do all triangles add to 180 degrees?

It is no longer true that the sum of the angles of a triangle is always 180 degrees. Very small triangles will have angles summing to only a little more than 180 degrees (because, from the perspective of a very small triangle, the surface of a sphere is nearly flat).

Which set of angles can form a triangle?

Any set of three angles that add up to 180 degrees can form a triangle.

Which set of angles could be the interior angles of a triangle?

Answer: 19° ,70° and 91° only one represent the interior angle of triangle.

How do you classify triangles by their angles and sides?

Triangles can be classified by their sides and by their angles. When classifying a triangle by its sides, you should look to see if any of the sides are the same length. If no sides are the same length, then it is a scalene triangle. If two sides are the same length, then it is an isosceles triangle.

What are two ways to classify triangles?

Classifying Triangles

  • Obtuse Triangle: A triangle with one obtuse angle.
  • Acute Triangle: A triangle where all three angles are acute.
  • Equiangular Triangle: A triangle where all the angles are congruent.
  • Scalene Triangle: A triangle where all three sides are different lengths.
  • Isosceles Triangle: A triangle with at least two congruent sides.

How do you classify triangles by sides?

Classifying Triangles by Sides

  1. If all the sides are equal (the same length) then the triangle is EQUILATERAL.
  2. If 2 sides of the triangle are the same length then the triangles is an ISOSCELES triangle.
  3. If all three sides of the triangle are a different length then the triangle is a SCALENE triangle.

How do you classify triangles by sides obtuse or acute?

An acute triangle has three angles that each measure less than 90 degrees. An obtuse triangle is a triangle with one angle that is greater than 90 degrees. A right triangle is a triangle with one 90 degree angle.

How can you classify triangles?

Triangles can be classified either according to their sides or according to their angles. All of each may be of different or the same sizes; any two sides or angles may be of the same size; there may be one distinctive angle.

What are the classifications of triangles?

Classification by Side Length
Equilateral Triangle All sides congruent
Isosceles Triangle At least two sides congruent
Scalene Triangle No sides congruent

How do you use the Pythagorean theorem to classify triangles?

Classifying Triangles by Using the Pythagorean Theorem If you plug in 5 for each number in the Pythagorean Theorem we get and 50>25. Therefore, if a2+b2>c2, then lengths a, b, and c make up an acute triangle. Conversely, if a2+b2triangle.

How do you classify congruent triangles?

If two sides and the included angle of one triangle are equal to the corresponding sides and angle of another triangle, the triangles are congruent.

What are the 4 conditions of congruence?

Conditions for Congruence of Triangles:

  • SSS (Side-Side-Side)
  • SAS (Side-Angle-Side)
  • ASA (Angle-Side-Angle)
  • AAS (Angle-Angle-Side)
  • RHS (Right angle-Hypotenuse-Side)

What are the conditions for two triangles to be congruent?

Two triangles are congruent if their corresponding sides are equal in length, and their corresponding angles are equal in measure.