What would happen if a nucleotide were removed from a gene?

What would happen if a nucleotide were removed from a gene?

A DNA sequence is a chain of many smaller molecules called nucleotides. For instance, if just one nucleotide is deleted from the sequence, then all of the codons including and after the mutation will have a disrupted reading frame. This can result in the incorporation of many incorrect amino acids into the protein.

When a nucleotide is removed from the DNA sequence?

Deletion means exactly what you would expect—a nucleotide is deleted from a DNA sequence. Because DNA sequences are grouped into chunks of three called codons, deleting a nucleotide can throw everything off. Every codon following the mutation will not match the original DNA sequence.

What are the effects of deletion mutation?

Deletion of a number of pairs that is not evenly divisible by three will lead to a frameshift mutation, causing all of the codons occurring after the deletion to be read incorrectly during translation, producing a severely altered and potentially nonfunctional protein.

Do mutations remove nucleotides from a gene?

A mutation (Section 14.1) is a change in the nucleotide sequence of a short region of a genome (Figure 14.1A). Many mutations are point mutations that replace one nucleotide with another; others involve insertion or deletion of one or a few nucleotides.

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