What would happen if pepsin was mixed with glucose?

What would happen if pepsin was mixed with glucose?

If pepsin was mixed in a laboratory with sugar molecules like glucose, what is the MOST LIKELY result? Pepsin will probably NOT react with the sugar glucose since it is an enzyme that breaks down proteins.

Why are enzymes needed for life?

Enzymes are so important in life because enzymes catalyze a fast reaction that is about a thousand times to hundreds of millions more times faster than a chemically catalyzed reaction. Metabolic functions include catalyzing various reactions within the cell, generating energy and ultimately detoxifying

Why do we say that an enzyme is reusable?

The region where the reaction occurs is the enzyme’s active site. However, when the reaction is complete, the products leave the active site and the enzyme is once again available for reaction. This means that the enzyme is unchanged through the reaction

What does it mean to say an enzyme is specific?

Enzymes are specific because different enzymes have differently shaped active sites. The shape of the active site of an enzyme is complementary to the shape of its specific substrate . This means they are the correct shapes to fit together. Temperature has an effect on enzyme activity.

What happens if we don’t have enzymes?

Enzymes allow reactions to occur at the rate necessary for life. In animals, an important function of enzymes is to help digest food. Without digestive enzymes, animals would not be able to break down food molecules quickly enough to provide the energy and nutrients they need to survive

Is rusting a slow or fast reaction?

There are different ways to determine the rate of a reaction. The method chosen usually depends on the reactants and products involved, and how easy it is to measure changes in them. Rusting is a slow reaction. Give four examples of a very fast reaction.

Is it illegal to own dynamite?

Federal and state laws establish penalties for violating these provisions. Under state law, it is illegal for anyone to possess an explosive without a bill of sale or some other proof of its legal transfer. Violators may be fined up to $10,000, imprisoned up to 10 years, or both (CGS § 29-348)

Is TNT or dynamite more powerful?

Dynamite is formed into explosive sticks that feature a wick and a blasting cap. TNT stands for trinitrotoluene, which is also an explosive but quite different from dynamite. Dynamite is actually much more powerful than TNT.

How much does a pound of dynamite cost?


Product Price
Plastic Explosive (C4) $17/lb
Dynamite $10/lb
Semtex Grenades $50/lb

Will Tannerite ignite gas?

The blast was heard from miles away, according to deputies. Investigators determined that four people used tannerite – a legal explosive compound commonly used for rifle targets – to ignite a mixture of gasoline and diesel fuel. When used as intended, tannerite does not ignite fires