What you can do for healthy eyes

Eye diseases are nowadays, in most cases, curable, however, eye problems are becoming more common.

Healthy eyes by eating a healthy diet, There are some factors that can affect the health of the eyes significantly. For example, nutritional scientists have found that the substance Lutein protects the eyes from too many rays and radicals harmless. The fabric comes in green cabbage, spinach, but arugula, white cabbage, or Watercress. However, not only Lutein helps protect the eyes. Also vitamins, such as vitamins A, C and E, help the eyes to fulfil their function until old age.

Take breaks from the screen

Try not to overdo the on-screen work, or at least from time to time to take a break. It is best to freeze in between, often times things in the distance, as the constant effect of See In-the-vicinity-that the eyes can adapt from bad to worse in the distance.

In addition, screen work dries up the eyes, a Problem that is spreading further and further, 20 percent of Germans suffer from dry eyes. Especially contact lens wearers must not wear quality contact lenses, which dry the eyes.

Smoking is especially harmful for the eyes

Another important factor is the Smoking. Not only dries the smoke to the eyes, but it also damages the blood vessels and disrupts blood flow, resulting in oxygen and nutrient supply to the organs of sight is impaired and visual acuity is lost.

Stress is harmful for the eyes, Stress skin disease the network and therefore leads to a restriction of the visual performance.

Therefore – you do not protect your eyes at their best when they exaggerate the on-screen work and high-quality contact lenses to wear, to eat healthy and smoke, and avoid Stress. maybe a short Wellness vacation helps sometimes to have a rest to the mind and the body.

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