Seniors in wheelchairs are good for your environment is not a unusual sight, but also younger adults and children can be instructed by a congenital or in the course of their life acquired disability permanently to a wheelchair. For you and your family this fate means a lot to often, great efforts and inconveniences, to be able to mobility and participation.

Leben mit dem Rollstuhl
Stairs, thresholds and curbs, that are lurking everywhere, are wheelchair-insurmountable obstacles – to come to your vehicle forward, you depend on walk-in paths and ramps. To make it difficult for the small lifts and narrow doors the life you in addition. Meanwhile, there are in nearly all public buildings, disabled toilets, but it is often in a wheelchair is not possible, you alone. Diaper carriers can’t be wrapped in addition to the disabled toilets because it needs to be, in many cases, a nursing bed, or a special changing table.

Comprehensive market of accessories for wheelchairs

More and more manufacturers are now trying to meet by specific products known problems and to offer as much comfort as possible. Some of the roll chairs, an electric drive or auxiliary motor, and can be controlled from your drivers. In addition to the electric drive trade for the wheelchair accessories, wheelchair mobility, self-initiative and self-reliance can be found in the tray. This Bracket includes, for example, and integrated storage systems, are dependent on the chronically ill in a wheelchair, and to be able to utensils – such as, for example, oxygen or suction equipment – to carry life. In addition, adapted to seat shells which are mounted on the wheeled base offer the possibility of a mobile table-top tap. The seat surface is obtained if necessary, with a Incontinence pad which can be removed and washed.

Many wheelchair users have a mobile stair climber that is attached to the wheelchair in this way can be overcome with the wheelchair for stairs of various kinds. Special fastening parts of the rehab technician, with mounted on the customer’s request for custom-made devices the same – they call these parts the “power nodes”. They ensure that the disabled wheelchair vehicles sitting in specially equipped for the disabled sure can be transported and replace the Attaching of straps, which often offer no adequate security.

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