When sodium sulfide and iron III nitrate are mixed together what is formed?

When sodium sulfide and iron III nitrate are mixed together what is formed?

Sodium sulfide reacts with acquis iron, three nitrate to form aqueous sodium nitrate and solid iron.

What happens if sodium sulfide is added to iron II sulfide?

Answer Expert Verified. If sodium sulfide is added to iron(II) sulfide, no reaction could occur since they have a common ion. Instead, in the solution, the concentration of Fe2+ would decrease while the concentration of S2- would increase since more of this ion is added from sodium sulfide.

Is FeS a precipitate?

It was observed that FeS precipitation is pseudo 1st order when Fe(II) to S(-II) concentration ratio is below 1:5, although the precipitation rate is extremely fast. At temperature range of 23 – 100 °C, freshly precipitated FeS was found to be mackinawite or amorphous FeS.

Is FeS solid?

sulphide) is one of a family chemical compounds and minerals with the approximate formula FeS. Iron sulfides are often iron-deficient non-stoichiometric. All are black, water-insoluble solids.

Is FeS a compound or element?

Iron (Fe) and sulphur (S) are two elements. When they are added together, they form a mixture of iron and sulphur. The iron and sulphur are not joined together. However, if the mixture is heated, a new compound is formed, which is called iron sulphide (FeS).

How do you separate FeS?

Answer. Mixture of Fe and S have constitutent particles of Fe and S while FES don’t have. It also can be separated by simple physical means while the compound can be separated by chemical means. The mixture have variable composition while compound have fixed composition.

What is true about FeS?

Answer. Option 3 is true about iron sulphide. Iron sulphide is black brown in colour. Iron with sulphur combine to give iron sulphide.

Which is the correct name for the compound FeS?

Ferrous sulfide

PubChem CID 14828
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Molecular Formula FeS
Synonyms ferrous sulfide 1317-37-9 Iron(II) sulfide Iron sulfide Black iron sulfide More…
Molecular Weight 87.91 g/mol

Is chromium a mixture?

Similarly, if the material is a mixture, further classify it as homogeneous or heterogeneous in the right column….Material.

Material Pure Substance or Mixture Element, Compound, Homogeneous, Heterogeneous
chromium (Cr) Pure Substance Element,
Chex mix Mixture Heterogeneous

Why Valency of chromium is 3?

Valency is the combining capacity of an element. It is equal to the number hydrogen atoms with which one atom of a particular element combines to form its normal hydride. Hence, the valencies of chromium can be taken as 2 and 3, as in the case of iron, which is also a transition metal.

What is the formula for chromium?


PubChem CID 27668
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Molecular Formula Cr+3
Synonyms Chromium(III) Chromic ion chromium(3+) CHROMIUM (III) Chromium (III) ion More…
Molecular Weight 51.996 g/mol

What is the formula for chromium III acetate?

Chromium(III) acetate

PubChem CID 14012
Molecular Formula C6H9CrO6
Synonyms CHROMIC ACETATE Chromium(III) acetate 1066-30-4 Chromium acetate Chromium triacetate More…
Molecular Weight 229.13 g/mol
Parent Compound CID 176 (Acetic acid)

What is the name of Cr3+?

“Names and Formulas of Inorganic Compounds”

Cr2+ chromium (II) ion
Cr3+ chromium (III) ion
Mn2+ manganese (II) ion
Mn3+ manganese (III) ion

What is the formula for chromium III sulfate?


What is the name for Cr2 SO4 3?

Chromium sulfate

What is chromium sulfate used for?

Chromic Sulfate is a peach-colored, odorless powder. It is used in green paints, inks and textile dyes, ceramics, the tanning of leather, chrome plating, and the photographic industry.

What is the correct formula for the compound Chromium II nitrate?


PubChem CID /th>
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Molecular Formula Cr2NO3+3
Molecular Weight 166 g/mol
Component Compounds CID 23976 (Chromium) CID 944 (Nitric acid)

Can two cations form an ionic bond?

A proper ionic formula has a cation and an anion in it; an ionic compound is never formed between two cations only or two anions only. The key to writing proper ionic formulas is simple: the total positive charge must balance the total negative charge.

Which compound contains ionic bonds?

Table salt, NaCl, is a good example of this type of compound. Ionic bonds differ from covalent bonds. Both types result in the stable electronic states associated with the noble gases. However, in covalent bonds, the electrons are shared between the two atoms.

What is the formula for the compound iron II phosphite?

Iron(II) phosphite has the formula Fe3(PO3)2.

What is the correct formula for Iron II bromide?


What is the formula for Tetraboron Decahydride?

Compound Descriptions:

Formula: B4H10
Element System: B-H
Element Names: Hydrogen, Boron
Molecular Weight: 53.323 g/mol
Name(s): tetraborane(10) B4H10 arachno-Tetraborane(10) Borane (B4H10) Boron hydride (B4H10) Decahydrotetraborane Tetraborane (B4H10) tetraboron decahydride tetraborane (10)

What is the name for Pb so3 2?

Lead sulphite

PubChem CID 6452595
Molecular Formula O3PbS
Synonyms Lead sulphite LEAD SULFITE lead(II) sulfite 7 7446-10-8 More…
Molecular Weight 287 g/mol
Component Compounds CID 5352425 (Lead) CID 1100 (Sulfurous acid)

What is the correct Iupac name for BA Oh 2?


What is the name for Cu HCO3 2?

Hydrogen Carbonate

What is the name for PbSo3?

Lead sulfite