When you’re ESI and that you are stuffed

Quand tu es ESI et que tu es bourré

I’m not going to maybe not make me friends among the nursing students , but too bad. It has been, I’m already self-criticized, and the opposite is also done.

When working in the emergency room, they will fall necessarily on a day on patients who are doctors, nurses, nursing students… You will have me included, who are in the same domain as yours. 40% say nothing, 40% do not hesitate to you the whisper and the 10% will then hide behind this beautiful status. If among its 10%, you’re a student nurse so I encourage you strongly to keep quiet. Seriously.

For example, recently we had a young girl of 20 years, completely alcoholic. Still. It was rather calm at the start, despite a few crying, and with more than 2 grams of alcohol support is done peacefully. We learn therefore that she is a student nurse, we smiled. After all, many of us has already been stuff during our studies, why hide it ? (Even after…) And advocating the abstinence of the esophagus, please be aware that we do not sign a contract to become a Saint at the entrance in the IFSI. Subsequently, my colleague installs it in the box, everything always goes well. She prepares her carriage for the infuse and I have a doubt. I have sometimes when I see the head of a patient, his eyes… It lasts for a few seconds.

Then I hear a doorbell. I do not even attempt to inform me to know which of the 13 box started ringing as I know that it is necessary that I head to the box of this patient. You can also see your colleague open the door, and saying with an air of blasé : “she struggles…” . Why it does not surprise me ? After all, half of the patients with alcohol refuse the infusion (which is used to rehydrate the cakes with a cocktail of vitamins and can also be used in cases of deep coma ethyl). Yet, even with alcohol, when you try to reason, they accept. Good necessarily, not all the time because there are, of course, irreducible. You should know that you have the right to refuse a care or support, but when you’re an alcoholic, you do not necessarily have the choice assuming that you no longer have your ability of reasoning at this time.

So, back to our student alcoholic refusing the care. It is rare that I get angry, many will tell you. But, she was successful. Arguing the fact that she is a nursing student, she knows what they’ll do and reserves the right to refuse as a student. We explained to him that no, she struggles, strikes and even tries to bite me. We decided to tie it with simply soft by security both for her and for us. It argues, once again, the fact of being a student nurse and states that we do not have the right to attach the people. : “You don’t have the right ! I did an internship in psychiatry and it is only there that we can tie !” … And it is returned with its status as anursing student it does not cease to cry out to the ears and now it has the right to his (poor) course of the internship. Frankly, I can not count the times she has made us understand that she was a student. But the more you insist, the more you’ll enfonces.

Except that girl, when you’re in this state, it is sometimes better to close it. To say that one is ESI does not bother, but the argument and to hide behind this statute, then it bothers me. While it was attached, I only said one thing, looking right into his dilated pupils : “Listen, we understood that you were ESI. It tells you that the procedure is done as well and you will not rewrite it. You may be ESI, but here you talk to nurses who have many years of experience in this business. You for the moment you’re nothing, then let yourself heal and calm you. “

Seriously, I am aware that alcohol does not help and that people can then say anything. Precisely they are uninhibited and what they can do or say is a sad reality. In addition, I don’t hit necessarily the ESI, it could have been a nurse graduate , But the fact is that you are a student nurse so you have to assume what you can say or do. Even if you look stupid on the time.