Wondering: Who Can I Pay to Write My Papers?

At some point in our studies, we realize that the academic task and assignment demands may be too difficult for us. In this light, a rational question arises: is there anyone who can provide professional help for students who have difficulties with studies? In this article, we want to answer your question to a full extent. Our goal is to review all options available to an average customer and provide judgment on the best course of action for a person who wants to find some help with writing papers.

Option 1. Friends and Acquaintances

The first option you can try to consider includes the search among people who are within your reach. Many of our readers will be surprised by the number of people who are willing to provide writing assistance. For example, many of the dormitories in college settings feature some successful students who are ready to monetize their studying skills. As a result, some top learners can easily provide you with a personalized piece of research for a fairly reasonable price (it is unlikely to exceed 5-10 dollars per page). You can also get a friend to provide some samples of previous work for free. Generally, the approach may seem an optimal choice in the current conditions. However, beware of significant downsides. Here are some of them:

  1. No guarantees or refunds are likely to be present: when you establish some form of a pact with a friend or some acquaintance, it is unlikely to be formal. Consequently, a person can deliver an essay of terrible quality. And, we don’t even mention plagiarism.
  2. The likelihood of being discovered is high: many of the instructors can know the style of the expert you chose. The possibility of such a lucrative service being an elaborate trap is also rather high. Essentially, you are playing a dangerous lottery: the chance of getting something good is present but it is far from being significant.

All in all, the presented approach can work under some right circumstances. Nonetheless, if you need a reliable service, it is far from being a strong option. There are safer alternatives that can genuinely fulfill your needs.

Option 2. Professional Essay Writing Services

The second and, spoiler, most potent option undoubtedly involves professional essay writing services of different types. Today, the market is full of companies that provide a large number of custom essays or help with assignments in English online. You can try to buy a cheap essay from any location in the USA. Current competition and attention to the field is sufficiently large to guarantee strong feedback via reviews. More importantly, it leads to a significant pressure on every company to deliver outstanding services. In this regard, a large number of companies on the market offer strong money-back guarantees, free revisions, and constant access to support specialists. A strong dedication to quality and being original is also present: you can genuinely expect that writers will provide a paper written from scratch. If you want some safety and reliability, going for such services may be the most optimal choice.

The problem with the option, however, is that the costs can prove to be far from being liberal. Indeed, we mentioned that an essay bought in such a service can be cheap. Typically, a client can achieve this outcome if he or she orders a paper with a long deadline. In this case, the work of a writer would be more or less palatable. If you need something urgent, however, it is logical to expect higher prices. An optimal strategy may be to write urgent essays personally and outsource something less pressing to outside specialists. Still, the potentially high prices make sense in the majority of cases. Companies of this type want you to order again and, thus, do everything to make the use of services outstanding. With them, you can, more or less, feel genuinely safe in the majority of cases. Do we have any recommendations in this case? Yes, we believe that CustomWritings is a perfect website for all your “write my papers” needs: it is a custom paper writing service that features a tremendous dedication to the high quality of content and steadily delivers research of great quality.

Option 3. Freelance Writers on the Internet

The last option to consider undoubtedly includes Internet freelancers. We believe that it is for the most desperate and bravest souls due to the tremendous amount of dangers that can occur. One can find some of the individuals who write research papers on Reddit, for example. To a great extent, the positive aspect of the presented approach is very similar to the first option. It offers prices that can be genuinely low. To attract an audience, many freelancers artificially decrease the costs below their typical market averages. Consequently, you can get some of the best deals here if you find someone reliable.

The problem is that getting the best deals is far from simple. Here are some of the dangers that you will inevitably encounter:

  1. Direct fraud: some people may simply take your money and not deliver anything. Do you really need that danger while using such services? If you think that some good review can save you from problems, don’t be that positive. There are also exit frauds, during which certain individuals get some positive reputation for a while and then intentionally deceive the further clients by demanding higher prices, for example;
  2. Low-quality papers: in environments where people can change their pseudonyms almost immediately, the production of bad essays without any accountability is inevitable. Once again, you play a terrifying lottery in the analyzed case, which can result in negative life-changing circumstances;
  3. No one guards your privacy: all information you give to other people in this case doesn’t become a subject of any binding agreements. No protections exist in the case. The probability of losing anonymity is thus tremendous.

To summarize, the current review of options clearly indicates that the safest approach is to find a firm that prepares essays for students. Many options (we have mentioned one of them) exist today, with firms working in the market for decades. Indeed, the price is likely to be higher than for the two less formal options. At the same time, you undoubtedly raise the chances of getting something good. Friends or freelancers are a strong choice only if you have some guarantees. Otherwise, essay writing services are simply better.