You know that it is a fugue ?

Vous savez que c’est une fugue ?

Still a sweet night spent in the emergency room, we are in may and it is good to be outside… in The emergency room, it is already soaked beneath our blouses in service crushed by the heat. Tonight, I’m traumato and it is crowded ! It is a Friday and it is yet a overflow in the waiting room. We are trying to hurry, especially that the bad surprise is that I have no help. There was only me and the doctor, in the face of that crowd of cripples.

So, in fact, I am not going to dwell on the overall care of this evening, I ran across. Install the patients, their care, their bandages, take them to the radio, get them out of the box to put someone, answer their questions, answer the questions of other patients (of medicine !) ask me in how much time they will be seen. Hurry up to infuse this young girl hyperalgesic or even this gentleman who is rushing to strike down at him for a history of cigarette and finds himself with a humerus in 3, and multiple fractures of the face. But being alone tonight, we will few moments to forget the support, just to point the finger when you see a staff member running around and sweating, it’s that he doesn’t take the time to take your coffee as you normally think.

The fugue in d major

I’m going to go back on my turn would like. Those who are so much the long time that they decide to leave the emergency room without saying anything to anyone. You know that you’re considered a “runaway” ? And that because of this, you have the option to receive an invoice for the consultation of the hospital even if you’ve only seen in person ? Two people are parties that evening. A person 45 years of age who had the lip open after a brawl in a bar, him I’ve not felt it coming. I was even surprised that he is gone but good… The other is a lady of 40, who has been a VSO low kinetics, basically it was to stop his vehicle when another went in through the back. She complained of pain in her back and neck. The firefighters, therefore, have taken her to the emergency department with a cervical collar. When I was passed, it did not stop to get up from his stretcher, I tried to explain to him the possible consequences, she wasn’t listening. I was able to install it in a box but a few minutes later she called to one of my colleagues, arguing the fact that ” she had nothing” . Oh I forgot sometimes that you have X-ray eyes and you have done option trauma to the tray. If you knew the number of people who come in the night or the next day because for them they had nothing after an accident… besides last night, I was a young girl who had a fall from a horse the previous day and that did nothing. She came tonight because she complained of multiple dizziness, and a dozen of vomiting. I say that… I say nothing. But it is often. When the doctor went to see the patient in the box, it was no longer there. I told him, I looked for it to no avail and then I saw his cervical collar in the garbage… Well it is a party.

The funny thing surely is that at the limit, them, their behavior was justified and he had good reasons to come. Those who leave quickly so that they come to no big thing to realize that no, their problem is not an emergency. However, these two people yes, and they are parties. You’re going to tell me ” it is because they have had to wait a really long time, and are left exasperated ? “No, I went to pick up the home for the support, and to alleviate the influx to the emergency room entrance. He has been waiting for the following 20 minutes on a seat, before I see it disappear. When the second fugue, it will be awaited a little longer. Overall, an hour. Which is rather short when you consider that I only had one doctor.