a 10€voucher from for each evaluation of a 24-hour-care provider rewarded each of the provider rating with a 10€shopping voucher

We are pleased to have with a strong Partner who looks at the transparency in the area of the 24-hour care as an important and promotes. rewarded currently each rating made by a user here on with a shopping voucher of 10,00€. This shopping voucher can be redeemed on .

What is a media deal?

media deal is the competent Partner for consumer electronics and household appliances and offers many items at very reasonable Prices, which are needed in the context of a 24-hour nursing care organization, e.g. for the equipment of the room of the care. So you can order a matching comfortable easy and cheap online, and overall, the cost of the 24-hour care low. Funding is possible.

10€-Gutschein von für jede Bewertung eines 24h-Pflege-Anbieters

media deal is a good Deal

How is the concrete procedure?

  • A user rating of a provider and gives his valid E-Mail address
  • We consider the evaluation of the authenticity and provide this free
  • The user receives an E-Mail with the voucher Code
  • The user can at any time go shopping on , enter the coupon Code during the checkout process and gets 10,00€ credited to

We are pleased that reviews not only the other in your provider search will help, but even be rewarded.

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