How do you solve the SSA triangle?

How do you solve the SSA triangle?

Solving SSA Triangles

  1. use The Law of Sines first to calculate one of the other two angles;
  2. then use the three angles add to 180° to find the other angle;
  3. finally use The Law of Sines again to find the unknown side.

Does SSA work for triangles?

Four shortcuts allow students to know two triangles must be congruent: SSS, SAS, ASA, and AAS. Knowing only side-side-angle (SSA) does not work because the unknown side could be located in two different places.

How do you tell if there is two triangles?

Once you find the value of your angle, subtract it from 180° to find the possible second angle. Add the new angle to the original angle. If their sum is less than 180°, you have two valid answers. If the sum is over 180°, then the second angle is not valid.

What is the rule of Pythagoras Theorem?

Pythagorean Theorem. The Pythagorean theorem states that in any right triangle, the square of the length of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the lengths of the legs of the right triangle. This same relationship is often used in the construction industry and is referred to as the 3-4-5 Rule.

What are sides A and B called in Pythagorean Theorem?

Here we use the convention that the side opposite angle A is labelled a. The side opposite B is labelled b and the side opposite C is labelled c. Pythagoras’ theorem states that the square of the hypotenuse, (c2), is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides, (a2 + b2).

Who created the Plimpton 322?

Robson estimates that Plimpton 322 was created sometime in the six decades before Larsa fell to Hammurabi of Babylon in 1762 BCE. At 12.7  8.8 cm, Plimpton 322 is about the size of a cheap pocket calculator. (It was originally larger: There is a clean break along the left edge.

What is a Babylonian triple?

The most renowned of all mathematical cuneiform tablets since it was published in 1945, Plimpton 322 reveals that the Babylonians discovered a method of finding Pythagorean triples, that is, sets of three whole numbers such that the square of one of them is the sum of the squares of the other two.

How did Babylonians use trigonometry?

The cuneiform inscriptions on Plimpton 322 suggest the Babylonians used a form of trigonometry based on the ratios of the sides of a triangle, rather than the more familiar angles, sines, and cosines.

Who invented right triangle trigonometry?


Who discovered right triangle trigonometry?

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