How to Promote Yourself Without Bragging

Promoting yourself involves walking a very fine line. Go too far to one side, and no-one will ever know what you care about, what you’re good at, or what you’ve accomplished. Go too far to the other, and you’re a terrible braggart who will soon understand why people say it’s lonely at the top.

How do you strike such a delicate balance between the two?

In this episode, we’ll be talking about the art of tastefully promoting yourself, along with:

  • How to handle feeling competitive with or shunned by friends when trying to better yourself
  • How to become a better speaker


Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Mark Manson’s book
  • Charisma on Command video
  • StyleCon
  • 5 Questions: Unambitious Friends, Money Saving Strategies, & the Pomodoro Technique (Ep. 122)
  • Real Men Real Style
  • I Am Alpha M
  • The College Info Geek Community on Reddit
  • I Want to Fly With Hippos
  • Episode where we talk about love letter sites
  • Business Professionals of America
  • Toastmasters
  • Ignite
  • Thomas Frank – Fascination: The Thing That Gets Audiences Hooked And Witches Burned – Ignite Ames
  • Thomas Frank – My Trip To Japan – Ignite Ames 2013
  • Listen Money Matters
  • 9 Tips for Becoming a Great Public Speaker
  • How to Be More Confident: 5 Strategies that Worked for Me
  • Tom’s video from speech class – In Defense of Remote Work
  • Tom speaking professionally – Luther College Keynote Speech
  • How to Start Your Own Podcast (Ep. 133)

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How to Promote Yourself Without Bragging (Ep. 148)