medication, is not always easy: 7 Tricks to help you slide better

Medication, is not always easy: 7 Tricks to help you slide better

Around 2000 Times, we swallow on a day to be aware of it. But when it comes to swallowing medications in the Form of pills and large tablets, begins with the thoughts carousel: How do I get the tablet down? What do I do if you get stuck?“ Especially seniors must take numerous means. A dry mouth or a swallowing disorder is often difficult due to the taking. Therefore, it is not surprising, if unpleasant, but innate Gag reflex occurs.

We HUMANIS know, however, some small tools can help you create this Problem:

1. With food mixing

Or Packed in the Pudding, porridge, or jam the bitter medicine go stir faster. The taste of this food is covered in addition to the bitter aftertaste. Make sure, however, what food the drugs along and check with your pharmacist. Antibiotics, for example, get along poorly with dairy products.

That’s not, you can shred most of the drugs. Depending on which drug you take, you can crush it with a mortar and also food mixing. Capsules should not be opened without consultation. Because in most of the cases, the case serves as protection and prevents dangerous complications.

2. Tablets share

If tablets are too large, they can be mostly divided. But even here, caution is advised. Not every drug is meant to Share. Some of the grooves also serve to ehr of the ornament, and can reduce by half the active ingredient or even strengthen. Therefore, always check the package insert and ask. Also an employee of a care service can advise you on specific techniques and practical tools for the tablet sharing.

3. For a wet mouth to worry

The more moisture in the oral mucosa, the better you can swallow the tablet go down. Therefore, before the taking: A SIP of water to drink, and following with a minimum of 200 milliliters of tap water to rinse, so that the Medicament remains in the throat sticking. This is also important because some drugs can injure the mucosa in the pharynx. Liquids, such as coffee, juice or milk can affect the efficacy of the active ingredients.

4. The correct swallowing techniques

At first, the medicine is always in an upright Position, Standing or Sitting upright. If patients are bedridden, they must also be erected. Many are prone to do this unconsciously, to throw the head in the nape of the neck. So the water flows faster and the tablet remains stuck frequently. Better is to bow your head when Swallowing slightly forward. Also the bottle Trick and capsule-Nick-Trick are two helpful resources. In the Former, you tilt your head back slightly and place the capsule on your tongue. With your mouth you enclose a bottle, the bottle opening of an elastic plastic. You suck on the water bottle, the capsule slide down at the same time with the water. In the second method, you also place the capsule on your tongue and take a SIP of water and keep it in the mouth. You bow your head to your chest and swallow you both down.

5. Medications in other forms

If it does not want to work with the Swallow easily, try to get your medication in a different dosage form. There are many active compounds, not only in the form of tablets, but also in drops, solutions, powder, or as an orodispersible tablets. Ask your doctor if your medication in any other Form is available.

6. If the difficulty in swallowing does not go over

Swallowing disorders are not just a head thing, or the result of tablet fatigue. Other diseases such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or diseases of the esophagus can be the cause of that. Add to this that certain drugs also have difficulty swallowing as a side effects. Speak you this in any case, at the next doctor’s visit. Speech therapists recommend to practice Swallowing by imagining consciously, to swallow single tablet.

However, the correct time of day does the medication have a role and can facilitate the intake.

7. Product packaging

In the pharmacies there is for any size of tablet and capsule with a special Coating. This smooth case simplifies to Swallow and prevents the bitter aftertaste without compromising the effect. Ask at the next visit to your pharmacy.

Although medications are necessary, nonetheless, to take many people a afraid of. Almost every tenth person Concerned takes up his tablets, although they are urgently needed. Unwanted complications or the worsening of the condition, are usually the consequences. Our tips are proven and in the everyday Care of Morgan Stanley and is intended to help you. Try one of them.

by Adriano Pierobon, Gerontologist (FH), MBAIn General