Morgan Stanley explains: Why drinking age is so important.

HUMANIS explains: Why drinking age is so important.

Water is a vital Element, because our body consists for almost half out of him. Now that the temperatures are rising, it is particularly important to take enough fluids. This is difficult for older people.

Unlike in the case of younger, is the component of the body fluid of only 40-50 % of the body weight. This is due to age-related phenomena, such as increased fluid losses due to the decreased urinary concentration ability of the kidney. In addition, older people sweat much faster at higher temperatures and have an intense urge to move due to age-related diseases (e.g. dementia). However, unlike in younger years, the body sends fluid due to lack of signals. The feeling of thirst is.

Lack of fluids can be dangerous

Symptoms of inadequate fluid intake you will notice, on the basis of dry mucous membranes and dry skin. The lips can be chapped and mouth is dry. The body is not signaled by a lack of concentration, headache, fatigue, dizziness, impaired physical capacity to the confusion that something is wrong.

Add to this that in old age, various medications can have these side effects reinforce and unpleasant consequences. They range from constipation to increased urinary tract infections. The lack of water is not compensated, can cause significant damage. After 2 to 4 days of some substances can not be excreted from our body. In addition, it comes to blood thickening or circulatory or kidney failure.

Why drink the majority of older people don’t like it?

But why older people do not drink enough water? Many develop feel in the course of ages, decreased Thirst. Due to the change in the structure of the bladder muscle and age-related changes in the anatomy of the lower urinary tract, many of the elderly develop incontinence, or problems with the prostate gland. Out of fear, to find on-the-go not or to late, the Village, drinking seniors. The in age added forgetfulness is another reason. The Drink is simply forgotten. And a deficiency already exists, it also makes Swallowing uncomfortable, because the mucous membranes dried up.

How much fluid should it be?

As a guideline, an intake of 1.3 to 1.5 litres per day in the elderly and is equivalent to about six glasses and six large cups. In case of discomfort or illness with vomiting or diarrhea, but also when taking medications, must be more drunk. By stews, vegetables and fruit, the water budget can be increased in the body. Adriano Pierobon from the nationwide care service HUMANIS advises: “however, it is still hard to think of to Drink, can be created by the documentation of the amount of drink remedy. The drinking behaviour and the drinking amount can be observed. Individual causes for the lack of fluids can be found. We HUMANIS find out through the intensive care of our caregivers, what you like and when you like to drink. Also plays a big role and safeguards, in addition to care and attention, the necessary fluid intake.“

What tips are there to make it easier to Drink at the age, read the next article on our HUMANIS Blog.

by Adriano Pierobon, Gerontologist (FH), MBAIn General