Return to sport after pregnancy

It is important, after childbirth, to recover little by little to the sport so that you strengthen and you why the body. Be careful, however, not to resume physical activity too intense or too soon after childbirth.

At what point in time take up the sport ?

It is important to know that the time of the resumption of sport is very variable from one woman to the other. Some of them will resume a sports activity fresh only a few days after delivery, while others will wait several weeks before hand. It will all depend on the way of place your birth, and your general shape. If you are a great sport and that your delivery went very well, listen to your cravings and put you back to sport as soon as you feel it. It is generally necessary to wait until the end of bleeding, and of course, having the desire to resume the sport to do this. If you are literally exhausted, but wait a few days to recover. Women who have undergone a delivery by caesarean section will have to wait a little longer before going back to sport, so the skin heals properly. The same goes for the problems of incontinence which are quite common after childbirth. Wait, if you’re in this case, to have a good finish your rehabilitation exercises from your physio before resuming the sport or ask him his opinion.

Reprendre le sport après la grossesse

What sport to practice ?

Obviously, after childbirth, one forgets the extreme sports ! And even sports a light tonic, such as running, tennis and all those that require running or jumping. It is a question of ease in order to get used to his body, to the sport, choosing a physical activity is very sweet. The sports that are particularly recommended are first the walk, which has the advantage of being able to get outside by going shopping, walking her baby, or when indoors, for example, when baby sleeps, across a carpet (see here for more information). Swimming is also an excellent sport post-pregnancy. In fact, the body is light in the water and you will be able to provide you the sport without risking any problem of strain, sprain… You will see that this will also be the largest at the level of the back if you had back pain during your pregnancy.