Vincent Lacoste slips on the white lab coat

Vincent Lacoste renfile la blouse blanche

After the film ” Hippocrates “, the director returns to the medical with ” First Year “, always with Vincent Lacoste in the role of the future doctor…

It was in 2014 that we could find the young Vincent Lacoste in the role of internal medicine in the second film by director Thomas Litli. The real doctor had passed the weapon to the left and was then converted back into the cinema, turning point, then, Hippocrates who described the learning of a future doctor at the hospital. Thomas Litli is not his first film on the physicians since before the time of Hippocrates, it had turned a country Doctor with François Cluzet and Marianne Denicourt.

We can then say that he completes a trilogy on the doctors with First year, Vincent Lacoste is paying once again the game of the young doctor, alongside William Lebghil. This film will be a comedy-drama and get back to the story of a first year student of medicine. The two actors will play Benjamin and Antoine, two young high school graduates who want to become doctors. A year rewarding, full of surprises but also of frustrations and renunciations…

The shooting of the film began on 14 march and will last nine weeks in the paris region… would Like, there is a shoot near me, I’ll go see it.