What are the roots of x2 2x 1?

What are the roots of x2 2x 1?

Originally Answered: What are the roots of quadratic equation x²-2x+1? Hence,the square root of x^2-2x+1 is 1.

How do you know how many roots a function has?

To work out the number of roots a qudratic ax2​+bx+c=0 you need to compute the discriminant (b2​-4ac). If the discrimant is less than 0, then the quadratic has no real roots. If the discriminant is equal to zero then the quadratic has equal roosts. If the discriminant is more than zero then it has 2 distinct roots.

How many roots does the equation x2 2x 1 0?

Alternatively, you could say that x2−2x+1=0 has exactly two roots, counting multiplicity.

What are the roots of 64?

64 is a perfect square number which can be obtained by the square of 8. Hence, the square root of 64 is a rational number….Square Root of 64.

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What is the 6th square root of 64?


How many real sixth roots Does 1 have?

The number –1 is a square root of unity, (–1 ± i√3)/2 are cube roots of unity, and 1 itself counts as a cube root, a square root, and a “first” root (anything is a first root of itself). But the remaining two sixth roots, namely, (1 ± i√3)/2, are sixth roots, but not any lower roots of unity.

What are the real fourth roots of 256?

The 4th root of 256 is 4.

How many real Fifth roots does 1024 have?


What is 3 to the 5th root?

Example of 5th Root of Numbers

5th Root of 1 = 1 Fifth root of 7,776 = 6
Fifth root of 32 = 2 Fifth root of 7,776 = 7
Fifth root of 243 = 3 Fifth root of 32,768 = 8
Fifth root of 1,024 = 4 Fifth root of 59,049 = 9
Fifth root of 3,125 = 5 Fifth root of 100,000 = 10

What is 128 to the 7th root?

What to the seventh power is 128?

-2 to the 7th power is -128.

Which is the seventh root of 18?

7thRoot and Exponent 7 Table

Find the 7th root of… The 7th root
16 1.4860
17 1.4989
18 1.5112
19 1.5229

How do you find the 5th root?

The fifth root of a number is the number that would have to be multiplied by itself 5 times to get the original number. For example, the fifth root of 243 is 3 as 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 is 243. The fifth root of 1,024 is 4, as 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 is 1,024.

What is the value of Root 5?


How many fourth roots Does 1 have?

4 fourth roots