Alex Smith

The right to the emergency room ?

Before we begin, let’s be clear: no, there is no right and no, we are not mere officials in an administration where you are called by numbers in order of arrival. For this case, I am at the reception in the emergency department and I am faced with a mom who takes his 9 year […]

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Hey er, spin me a stamp !

I told myself that this was a moment that I had not seen it, but she came back. We received a young girl of 19 years old, pregnant 2 months, coming to a slight malaise vagal this morning and vomiting. When you’ll receive the pattern, you say to yourself : “bah yes she is pregnant […]

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How to anticipate a bad back ? Good practice

The back pain can come from a variety of reasons, even if it is related to the origin organ of the human body. That said, if the concern pathological emanates from the area of the muscle, one can attempt to address the problem and ensure of taking care of his body by practicing regularly a […]

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Clinical Case of medicine

Small clinical case for this weekend, kids ! It is taken from the editions VG and has been posted on Twitter by Matthew. Then saw that you are going to probably you bored because of the bad weather this weekend, I invite you to read it and to solve the concrete case. You have 15 […]

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Light the fire !

This Easter weekend was more surprising than usual. We even finished by thinking that there must be the full moon, in fact not. This weekend, I was on duty on Saturday and Sunday, first to pediatric emergencies and then the déchocage adult. We managed to do that in pediatrics ? In pediatrics, the most surprising […]

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Eat me my lips !

Young 19 years old girl coming for a bite on the lip by her boyfriend. Of course the reason for ready to smile but go a little further in the story. After verification, actually a piece of the lip missing, and the bleeding had been thinking that it would be time to present to the […]

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